Four Pillars of Digital Strategy.

A Digital Marketing Strategy can be defined, structured and delivered in a number of ways. It has to be relevant and custom built for the business it sits within, whilst striving for integration across the wider media/marketing function. Below, I’ll be providing a basic four point structure to get you started on your journey toContinue reading “Four Pillars of Digital Strategy.”

Mediatel – The Future of Media.

At the end of 2020, I appeared on Mediatel’s The Future of Media online webinar hosted by The Telegraph’s Senior Director of Innovation, Karen Eccles. The topic was Pushing the boundaries of Programmatic Media and can be watched here. Cadi Jones, Commercial Director, EMEA, BeeswaxGurman Hundal, CEO and Co-Founder, MiQDean Weaving, Head of Display, VideoContinue reading “Mediatel – The Future of Media.”

The Three Tiers of Digital Media Measurement.

Even in 2021, depending on who you talk to, Measurement can be quite a scary and anxiety filled subject to approach. People can tend to avoid it if they deem it to be unsolvable, difficult to garner or if there’s an undercurrent of doubt that exists throughout the organisation in non-linear Media effectiveness. Even ifContinue reading “The Three Tiers of Digital Media Measurement.”

Maximising the client and agency relationship.

A long talked about and debated subject is that of the client and agency relationship. How do the best ones succeed, how do the worst ones come to be and when are those key moments at which you must act quickly to maintain it’s integrity. Below are some insights into the experience I’ve gained alongContinue reading “Maximising the client and agency relationship.”